Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ignite Cardiff #21 - First Ignite of 2015!

If you don't know what Ignite is then you are missing out! It's a free event, held every other month at The Glee Club in Cardiff Bay. 10 awesome people nominate themselves to do a 5 minute presentation on something that will inspire, motivate, educate, entertain or enlighten the audience! They have 20 power-point slides which change automatically every 15 seconds, which they are delivering to a crowd of 400+!

We had a huge variety of talks, here's a run down;

‘How Doctor Who Saved me from Becoming an Evil Overlord’ - Bex Ferriday - @BexFerriday
‘Stars, Charts, and the Death of the Horoscope’ - Paul Jenkins
‘Turn it Off, Put it Down, Walk Away’ - Katy Bergson - @KtBergson
‘Mind Over Body - A Strong Body Begins With a Strong Mind’ - Mo Mastafa - @MoMastafa
‘Why is ‘Maturbate’ Still a Dirty Word?’ - Rhiannon Kemp-Davies - @SexToysCardiff
‘Ego Invictus (I am Undefeated)’ - Kevin Paterson - @KevinPaterson7
‘Who Are You...Being?’ - Carey Wallace - @CareyWallace
‘Is There a Ball?’ - Allie Brock - @BrockNRoller
‘5 Reasons Britain Should Remain in the EU’ - William Hayward - @WHungParliament
‘Why I Hate Everything’ - Lucy Cohen - @LucyMazuma

I was most intrigued by Rhiannon Kemp-Davies' talk, mainly because it had quite a bold and eye catching title covering a topic that hasn't really been touched upon (excuse the pun) at Ignite Cardiff before! However, all of the talks were bloody fantastic! An absolutely awesome night, I think it may have been the best Ignite Cardiff yet! What do you think?? 

Please let me know if you managed to get tickets to the event, and if you enjoyed it! The next event is on Wednesday 18th March, keep track of Twitter for ticket releases! 

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