Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Smoke Haus (Cardiff)

The Smoke Haus has been on my 'to go' list for a few months now, and since I was heading through Cardiff anyway I thought I might as well pop in! Even though I'm a massive foodies, I decided not to eat anything before the meal at the Smoke Haus as I'd seen the portion sizes and they were pretty impressive.... 
Anyway, so I got there at about 4pm and was welcomed by the staff, who all seemed to have an edgy look that complimented the style and attitude of the restaurant. The music was great and it had a really positive vibe, with confident, bold designs such as their menu and food names; 'The Elvis Po Boy', 'Baby Bertha' and 'The Home Wrecker'.

By this time I was pretty hungry so me and my friend ordered a 'light plate' to start with. I was temped to order a couple as I assumed that they would be pretty small portions, but in the end we just ordered the 'Sticky BBQ Bean Nachos'. When this arrived I was very glad we just ordered the one, it was massive! But nevertheless, we munched away and really enjoyed this twist on typical nachos.
Then came our main course. We both ordered the same thing; 'The Hog Father'. I upgraded mine with sweet potato fries (+£1) and my friend upgraded his fries to paprika fries (+50p). The mains came with a portion of 'slaw' (coleslaw) and normally skin fries, unless you upgrade (like we did)
I don't normally order burgers, but this one tickled my fancy, it was a cheeseburger topped with pulled pork and smokey streaky bacon. Once I bit into it (after I cut it in half so it was a more manageable size that is!) I could taste all the different flavours, it had an essence of biltong/beef jerk taste, but with the juiciness of a hearty, proper burger! 
Despite not eating all day I couldn't finish my plate! However, the staff were more than happy to wrap it up for me so I could take it home.
Even though this place offers ultimate sinner dishes such as 'The Donut Burger' - Yes that is a burger in a donut rather than a bread bun! It also caters to healthier options, offering salads and vegetarian plates. 
One other very cool quirk about this place is that you can choose the music - while you're sat there eating your burger! All you need to do is get on the Smoke Haus' wifi on your iPhone, download THIS app, then search through their playlist and vote for the song you want to hear next! How awesome is that!

There's currently only two of these restaurants; one in Cardiff and another in Swansea, let me know if you've given either of them a try yet! *Update* They have recently opened a new place in Birmingham, read my blog about it here.

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