Friday, 27 February 2015

'Climate' with Monique Post & Jonathan Hanna - CreativeMornings Cardiff

In this month's CreativeMornings we go on a journey exploring the changes in climate that autism has undergone. Last month we had the fabulous Georgina Jones talking about the topic 'Ugly' at CreativeMornings Cardiff. If this is the first you've heard of CreativeMornings then in short, it's a free event for people in the creative industry, or with a passion and interest for all things creative.
Today at CreativeMornings Cardiff (hosted in GloWorks - Cardiff Bay) we had Monique Post and Jonathan Hanna giving a talk under the topic of 'Climate'. More specifically - on their personal journey of change and discovery with autism. This was an eye opening 30 minute talk that really hit home and made us all question things. 
 Monique and Jon spoke about 'InAwe', which stands for 'International Autism Wales Education', a company that they are starting together after meeting at an autism awareness event in Wales in March 2014. 'InAwe' will provide lectures, training and support to bring awareness to autism, and what it means to be autistic. Not necessarily for people diagnosed with it, but more for people who have misconceptions or don't fully understand it, hoping to broaden the minds of parents, teachers, health care workers and so on.
  Since both being diagnosed with autism in their adulthood, they have first hand experince of the stereotypes and the way people respond to them, a great quote was 'once you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person'. Reinforcing the fact that everyone is different, and people should not tarnish everyone under the same brush despite having something like autism. Their aim is to change the preconceptions of the wider community and convey the strengths people with autism have. I think they did a mighty fine job today, and kept the audience very interested right to the end, once again - another enlightening talk!
If you were at the event then please let me know what you thought, did it make you think twice? Teach you something new? Or maybe it confirmed something you've been thinking for a while? 

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