Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bill's (Cardiff Bay)

Bill's is a restaurant chain that can be found all over the UK, despite not usually covering chains I decided to go and have a nose at the new Bill's restaurant in the Bay. Here's what I thought of their food and new location..
They have taken over the lovely grey stoned building opposite the car park, really easy to find and even though we couldn't see the waterfront where we were sat, the beautiful rustic decor made it feel very cute and romantic. Perfect for a brunch after a morning stroll through the bay.
I went for my favorite, eggs royale. I recently reviewed The Washington's (Penarth) version of eggs royale which was incredible. Bill's served it slightly differently, no big piece of ciabatta, but instead some lovely English muffins. The eggs were cooked just how I like them, and the sauce was really nice.
We also ordered pancakes with strawberries and streaky bacon.
 I had one of my usual green teas, and he accompanied his food with a Strawberry and Banana smoothie! Fruity! Once I saw his smoothie I had to order one for myself, so I got the Bill's Green Smoothie! Which contained apple juice, spinach, grapes and cucumber. It was so good.
The service was quick and efficient, even though they were still going through their training stages. We were super grateful for that as we had managed to get tickets for the Wales V Ireland Rugby match in the Millennium stadium that day so we had to rush off!
We especially liked the 'Bag O Bill's' (pictured above) as it was a charming way of letting you see what products they have for you to purchase! All in all, we had a lovely experience at Bill's and we look forward to returning for a dinner at some point as we are yet to taste their evening creations!

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