Saturday, 21 March 2015

Raising Money For FYD!

*Image from Follow Your Dreams website* 

*UPDATE - I have raised the money and done the skydive! Watch the video here*

For the last two years I've made myself a 'yearly goal' which is a list that contains all the different things I'd like to achieve by the following Christmas. Why do I do this? Well in short, I was unhappy with my life, I was tired of the same mundane routine and never actually achieving anything. It's easy to feel like you've accomplished a lot when in school or university, yes you may have earned GCSE's or a degree, but what did you really learn? I know that when I was at university I could tell you the best drinks to mix for a delicious, yet lethal, cocktail. However, that's not exactly something that you want to tell your kids about is it. So the list was born, what do I want to achieve and what kind of person do I want to be. I often wonder if everyone thinks this or is it just me? 
On this year's list; I wanted to raise money for a charity, but not just any charity - a charity that felt unique and inspirational which truly deserved some publicity. So when I met Mike (project manager of Follow Your Dreams) and he told me about the ways I could help everything seemed to be falling into place. I researched the charity and felt so passionate about the cause and doing something to help, I put myself forward to take part in a group sponsored skydive on the 26th April 2015.
 *Here's a picture of me looking happy, in my element, safely on the ground. Probably not at all what I will be looking like on the 26th April...*
Facing a fear; some people might jump (excuse the pun...) at the chance to throw themselves out of a plane and enjoy the thrill, I however, get weak at the knees just thinking about that. The thought of going a couple thousand feet (12,000 to be precise) in the air and then launching myself out of a plane while only relying on my parachute to survive (okay that's a bit dramatic of me, but I have a point..) is something terrifying in my world, in fact I'm trying not to think about. Because if I do think about it, I'll probably have a little panic attack. All I need to do is land on the ground next to a spider and it'll be a double whammy of my two biggest fears, but yeah, I'm trying not to think about that either....
*My attempt at drawing...*
Why this charity; for those of you who haven't heard of Follow Your Dreams, then they are a really great charity which help children and young people with learning disabilities find inspiration, believe in themselves and follow their dreams. How many of us have had that moment in life when you think 'wow, I did that, I can achieve anything now!' Well that's what the charity does, it gives that amazing feeling of the world being your oyster, something which we often take for granted, but when you're struggling with a disability it isn't so easy to believe in yourself. We all deserve to see our potential and feel a sense of ambition, so please help support this incredible charity.

To contribute; Donating is easy and only takes a minute, if you would like to sponsor me then you can either visit my Just Giving page: or text HNJG99 £(amount you'd like to donate) to 70070. 

Please add your most creative and/or funniest comment with the donation and I will give a prize to the best after the jump... Assuming the parachute works that is...

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