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Ignite Cardiff #22 - Online Dating, Curse Words and Eating Disorders...

While some may have been recovering from the antics of St Patrick's day, and others may have just finished a hard day at work, the energy was replenished for all in The Glee Club on Wednesday night as they hosted another fabulous Ignite Cardiff!
In January we saw the first Ignite Cardiff of 2015, on Wednesday we saw the second of the year, and it was brilliant! I personally love Ignite, it's such a great way to meet new people and learn about things that you may not have even heard of! We had another fantastic variety of talks, which were all unique and fascinating in their own way...

Here's my brief run through of the speakers, their talks and my thoughts of the night!

First up to the stage was Marcus Aiken with his talk entitled 'My Big Lunch'

This surprise talk wasn't mentioned on Ignite's website so the crowd were super excited when they saw 12 year old Marcus take the stage. He spoke about his 'Big Lunch' event which made everyone on his street get together and have a party! The event had a great impact on the street and it resulted in him meeting the duchess! Marcus told us how we can make a difference to our neighborhoods and host one too!
For more information visit The Big Lunch website or connect on Twitter @TheBigLunch 

Next was Polly Reichelt explaining that what you 'do' isn't defined by what you've 'done'

Polly spoke about the common question and conversation starter; 'so, what do you do?'/'what do you do for a living?' people answer it as if they are defined by their job. She said that we live in a society that places significant worth on being conventionally employed, and yet we are not. So for people who don't enjoy their jobs, they have to pretend that they do in order to make the small talk. Polly said we need to ask other questions like 'so, what do you do for fun?' and 'What's keeping you busy?' Don't feel like your job restricts you, share your hobbies and interests instead!
Visit Polly's website or connect with her on Twitter @PollyDoesDesign 

Then we had Tim Kirby who shared the secret of how to be immortal

A question which I'm sure everyone has wondered at some point, well Tim has been looking for the answer! According to Tim there are two parts to immortality; not dying, and not getting older. So after studying nature he told us which creatures not to copy, and then about some we could learn a thing or two from. Tim compared humans to other species and explored the reason why we get old. His main words of advice were to eat less sugar, eat more veg and enjoy yourself as if each day is your last! He then offered us his secret remedy, and if you'd like it then you might want to visit his website...


Following a quick break was Gwenda Owen who told us why she hates the Taff Trail!

As a new cyclist myself, I was very interested in this talk, I thought why would someone hate the Taff Trail?? It's beautiful! However, Gwenda explained that she doesn't actually hate the Taff Trail, she just hates what it does as it stops decent infrastructure around the city. She proposed that the city should have a speed limit of 20 mph and everyone should get cycle training so drivers respect cyclists and pedestrians. This Eco-friendly method of getting around is somehow forgotten about in many routes around the city, meaning that cyclists have difficulty and sometimes put themselves at danger by riding a bike, Gwenda wants this to end! She wants a bike-friendly Cardiff! Go Gwenda!
For more info visit this website or connect with Gwenda on Twitter @Beicio

Miranda Bishop then took to the mic and spoke about online dating for beginners

Miranda absolutely rocked the stage on her talk! She spoke about her experience with online dating, which included meeting a man who then moved to Thailand and her hate for those who "don't have enough credit.." Miranda listed her top tips and gave advice to those who may be struggling to find love, reminding us that online dating can bring out the worst in us. To find out why she thinks apps like Tinder gamify sex and dating then keep an eye out for the video!
Visit Miranda's website or connect with her on Twitter @Miranda_Bishop

To finish the next lot of speakers we had Claire Greaves, who's talk was entitled 'Pro-Ana? Pro-Life!'

I was 'looking forward' to this talk, mainly because in all the Ignites I've been to, I've never heard one about anorexia. And also, this topic is particularly close to my heart, weighing in at 118lbs 8 months ago myself and still feeling fat, I know exactly what was running though my head and I wanted to know what Claire thought. One word, wow. I had to hold the tears back as she talked, 450 people were silent, she calmy spoke about her experience, and her feelings in such a descriptive yet simplistic way. Everything she said was right, I could relate to almost everything, I could see people understanding it, men were crying, wow.
Visit Claire's blog or connect with her on Twitter @MentalBattle

After another quick break we went straight into 'Folk Tales and Fairy Tales' by Col Haworth

This certainly changed the mood, and took us back to our childhood with references to some favorite fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Col told us the origin of fairy tales and how the endings can change depending on what country you're in. To him, fairy tales are so important as he believes they are places we can all learn to be good
Visit Col's website or connect with him on Twitter @ColHowarth 

Why you should use your curse words carefully was our next presentation by Gareth Cavanagh

Initially, I though this was going to be a lecture telling us we shouldn't swear. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Gareth opened his talk with 'I was going to try and do this without swearing, but I'm too f*cking nervous..!' He proceeded to explain the history of swearing, back in the Roman times, Middle Ages, Victorian times, then World War II, and finally what it's like in modern days. Suffering with road rage has meant he's had to be extra careful when the kids are in the car, as we need to choose them carefully to not let them 'soften'. So basically, don't let swear words die out!
Visit Gareth's website or connect with him on Twitter @GarethCav  

Finally, we had Ben James who told us the beauty in leaving everything until the last minute

This humorous and educational talk was left to last (minute). With references to Kanye West, the Rock and Breaking Bad, this presentation made a strong argument as Ben told us about all his achievements despite being a procrastinator. I for one can also relate to this! But to end this Ignite, his final words of wisdom were, it doesn't matter how old you are just do what you want to do!
Connect with Ben on Twitter @BenjaminJames27

I left Ignite feeling like I'd gone on an emotional journey with 450 other people, and that's why Ignite Cardiff is so incredible.

Were you there? Was it your first Ignite Cardiff? Did you speak? Please let me know your thoughts! Either comment here or tweet to me @MissNicklin

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