Wednesday, 15 April 2015

'Ink' with Gareth Strange - CreativeMornings Cardiff

Usually CreativeMornings Cardiff is held at GloWorks in the bay, but this time it was held in The Abacus to reflect the arty topic...

When I first heard that March's topic for CreativeMornings Cardiff was 'Ink' I automatically assumed that it was going to be about tattoos and the art of tattooing. However, Gareth Strange used this topic to talk about ink within illustration, which included some interesting insights into his work. 
Gareth is a graphic designer and illustrator for Bluegg but also has his own site called Strange Love to showcase his art. This contains unique and eye-catching images, if you haven't seen his work then you should definitely check it out! 

Gareth gave us some examples of his work in which he had used ink in different ways to reflect the client and their target audience. His ever growing desire for perfection as a child meant that he was constantly motivating himself to do better, which is one way he came up with different ideas and concepts. 


"Give any two people the same pen, and the results are going to be different" 

Despite being a slight perfectionist, Gareth's message was that we shouldn't worry about something not being 'perfect', it can have character and charm without every line being exactly where it was meant to be. A valuable lesson in life, I often think that if you wait until something is 'perfect' then it will never get done.
 I really enjoyed this talk, as I do with all CreativeMorning Cardiff talks, but this one had a great message which I think a lot of creative people struggle with on a daily basis. It was also a lot of fun to see everyone participate in the 'draw a self portrait challenge' as well as the CreativeMornings Cardiff selfie task which can be seen here! 

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