Wednesday, 13 May 2015

'Humility' with Nick Torday - CreativeMornings Cardiff

What is 'humility' to you?... We gathered at GloWorks (Cardiff Bay) to have another eye opening CreativeMornings event, presented by Nick Torday.
If you've been following my blog then you will know all about the wonders of CreativeMornings Cardiff, if not then catch up on last month's event which was 'Ink' by Gareth Strange. Or you could flick through all of my previous summaries about CreativeMornings Cardiff. In short, it's a free breakfast event which aims to get a bunch of creatives together, network and get some advice.
Nick is the managing director at Sift Digital, a company which helps transform businesses and improve people's lives. Nick strongly believes that digital can help reshape the way in which we communicate to one another and have a huge impact on cultural changes. Nick also has a passion for helping charities with their web presence and dealing with tricky situations such as asking for money (something which I experienced recently for my sponsored skydive) In his career, Nick has been involved with Medical Aid for Palestinians, Carers Trust, Breast Cancer Care, British Heart Foundation, Big Lottery Fund and British Red Cross, to name a few!
With over 15 years of experience, Nick took on the challenge of presenting a CreativeMornings Cardiff event and spoke about what humility means to him. Being a very honest guy he started his talk by saying he enjoys giving talks and therefore humility is not something he particularly experiences. However, he has worked with numerous clients from a variety of different sectors which have given him experience and an understanding of the word.
After a quick lesson in the word humility accompanied with some visual graphs, Nick explained that he thinks 'Humility' is made up of four parts which overlap; empathy, self-awareness, accountability and selflessness. He then went on to give us specific examples of when he had encountered or experienced those elements of 'humility'. 
One that stood out to me was a situation involving a Canadian NGO (non-governmental organisation). The NGO screwed up on a big project, something which usually gets swept under the carpet, but the program director decided to speak out about their mistake. Speaking up, being accountable and admitting failure really got them respected and they received a lot of positive response from that community worldwide. 
I think it's massively valuable to listen to other people in the industry, every time I attend an event I learn something new. This time I learned that if you feel proud about something or want to brag about something then just go ahead and do it! Don't do the 'humble-brag'! Be proud, be loud and share it! Oh, and that it's okay to fail - great advice for the perfectionists in us!

What were your thoughts on the event? Or if you didn't go, has this made you consider attending the free event in the future? The next event theme is Robots and will take place on the 22nd Maytickets will be available on Monday 18th May! 

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