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Ignite Cardiff #23 - Science, Singing and a Sword!

If you were at The Glee Club last Wednesday then you know all about the talks that took place at Ignite Cardiff, but I'm here to refresh your memories and re-live that fantastic evening once more...! So, here's my mini review of Ignite Cardiff #23! 
If you've read my previous Ignite Cardiff reviews, then you will know how much I love this event! You should also know by now why it's brilliant, but if you don't then it's an event like no other. Firstly it's free, yep that's right - free. Those four little letters which when put in that order make anything sound irresistible to us British folk. Or to absolutely anyone in fact, I mean, who doesn't like free stuff?? What's the catch I hear you say, well I'm glad you asked because there is a catch. If one is to attend this unique event in the lovely city of Cardiff then one must be prepared to have a bloody good night. And that's it. Oh and maybe a free drink if you get there early thanks to Golly Slater. #CheersForTheBeers!

Here's a run down of the talks and the videos! 

Jon Matthias was first to break the ice at Ignite Cardiff #23 with his talk called; '40 Letters (and More)'

For some reason I immediately thought that this talk was going to be about what Jon predicted for twitter, cutting their letter count from 140 to 40, but I could not have been more wrong. I clearly need to get out more. Jon's talk was about what him and his wife didn't give up for lent, but actually what they did for lent. They wrote letters. Those things you have to buy a stupidly expensive tiny picture of the queen for, then send it off to be put through a hole in someones front door. It sounds ludicrous when I put it like that, but in actual fact it's a lovely way to connect or re-connect with loved ones which is what Jon tells us about.

Next up was Nelson Herbert who's talk was entitled; 'The Big Bang: What Banged?'

I automatically assumed that Nelson's talk was going to be on the TV series 'The Big Bang Theory', However, I was wrong on this too. This was a very fact filled, science-y Ignite Cardiff. It was nice to have a bit of variety, 5 minutes of education and suddenly it feels far more acceptable to go out on a work night, drink some beers and socialise. I did learn one thing during this though; the universe is just a large ball on a shelf. Woah, mind blow. 

Then we had Ruth Steggles who's talk was called; 'This Doesn't Happen to People Like us'

I was immediately intrigued by this talk. What doesn't happen to people like us? Was she talking about speaking in front of an Ignite Crowd? No, she can't be as she has already spoken previous at Ignite Cardiff. Ahhh, what doesn't happen to people like us?!! Anyway, all was revealed as soon as Ruth started speaking. Her talk seemed almost like a sequel to an incredible talk we had at Ignite Cardiff #22 by Claire Greaves who spoke openly about her eating disorder. Ruth spoke out as a mother who watched her daughter go through this. A touching story, but with a powerful message about mental health awareness. I recently did a small blog about mental health awareness week if this topic is something that interests you.

'From Wheelchair to Ironman' was what Phil Collard spoke about at Ignite Cardiff
I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first heard about this talk. but I did think it was pretty unlikely that Phil would have a guest appearance from Robert Downey Jr so I ruled that idea out of my head. What Phil shared was far more valuable than that though, he told us about how at 18 months old his life changed as he was diagnosed with cancer. From that he was told he may not ever walk again, his life involved so many struggles but yet here he was on stage in front of 450 people telling us that he had taken part in an Ironman Triathlon. Amazing.

Adam Green was next up with 'How the Great Outdoors Goes Hand in Hand with Video Games'

As a Left4Dead, Minecraft and Sims fan this talk was right up my street! I'm not a massive gamer but I enjoy a dable on the old virtual reality. Adam provided an awesome debate as to why gaming and the great outdoors go hand in hand together. If you're a gamer, and are curious about the life skills that you may be gaining from video games then check out his video! 

Ezzy Pearson then did 5 minutes on 'A Muggle's Guide to Cosplay'

"If you don't know what a muggle is, then I'm afraid you are one" well, that certainly got the audiences attention. Ezzy (or Elizabeth) explained why she loves cosplay! And after seeing her talk I feel like I've been missing out! It sounds bloody awesome!! Cosplayer or not, this talk is brilliant and will have you pulling out the fancy dress in no time!

'Game of Moans' Thomas

Okay here goes, I've never watched Game of Thrones. Don't kill me. But I have my reasons. I have been tempted though, especially after seeing some recent Facebook updates... However, despite never watching Game of Thrones this talk was so entertaining. Thomas, a Birmingham based standup comedian, had the crowd in stitches within minutes as he took to the stage with a sword as a pointer. Yes a sword, and a crown, - his talk seemed very appropriately positioned after the Cosplay talk from Ezzy. A must watch!

Cath Smith with 'Make It So'

Cath has wowed us once before at Ignite Cardiff, so I was wondering how on earth she was going to top it this time, but she did! I'm not going to say too much (I'm also not nerdy enough to tell you all the details unfortunately) but she mixed and matched a whole bunch of references to create the ultimate parody of 'Let it Go'. Yes, the Frozen song.... A wonderful way to end this Ignite Cardiff!

Check out the other Ignite Cardiff photography from the incredible Steffan Harries and Jason Aspinall!

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