Friday, 3 July 2015

Burger & Lobster (Cardiff)

I was lucky enough to be invited to Burger & Lobster in Cardiff for an intimate blogger event! It being my first blogger event I didn't really know what to expect but fortunately I was attending with Sara from Sun Sea & Sara.
I met with Sara in Cardiff and we made our way towards The Hayes. I had no idea where Burger & Lobster was but as she'd been before she lead the way! We arrived and were immediately greeted by Ben who was our host for the evening! And what a host he was!
I was surprised by how big Burger & Lobster was (which is right above Miller & Carter in Cardiff if you're still trying to figure out where it's based) It was a lovely spacious room with a cocktail station in the center. We grabbed a seat at the bar and started on the Prosecco! Now, I hadn't eaten all day so the fizz went straight to my head...
A few glasses down and I was ready to try some of their famous dishes, first came the lobster. I don't think I've ever tried lobster properly before. I love fish but lobster is usually one of the more expensive items on a menu which can sometimes be off putting, but at Burger & Lobster all their dishes are the same price (£20) They brought out steamed lobster, grilled lobster, lobster rolls and lobster nicoise.. What a selection, I didn't know where to start!
Nevertheless, we all tucked in and split the dishes between us which was really fun. Obviously we all rocked the bibs provided, which we soon realised were essential when visiting Burger & Lobster! 
Ben had given us a quick history about lobsters and assured us that they prepared the lobsters in the most humane way they can when using them on such a large scale. The lobsters are all sourced from out of the UK and then specially transported over to keep them fresh. You can see some live lobsters in the tank opposite the cocktail station, they also brought two lobsters out for us too!
I loved the steamed lobster, it was so good, slightly more 'fishy' than the grilled lobster but not in a bad way at all. The fun part was using all the devices and learning the techniques of how to extract the meat from the lobster, I found this hilarious and it made the meal more satisfying rather than someone just plating it up. However, the lobster roll was ready to, well, roll, and one bite of that was heavenly. 
The sauces and flavours they added to the dishes were incredible, I especially liked the butter dip stuff (and have since tried to re-create my own version with the 'doggy bag' of lobster I took home) It's perfect for dipping your lobster or chips in!
We all felt pretty well fed after that course, but we still had the burgers to come! Fortunately, we had a break and did some cocktail making with Luke! Now, by this time I'd had Prosecco, white wine and a cocktail already so I was full of energy and raring to go. Which backfired slightly as we took on the cocktail making challenge (those who were there know what I'm talking about...) needless to say, we failed and came last. But our cocktail was pretty good (even if I do say so myself!)
Finally it was time for the burgers! I've wanted to go to Burger & Lobster for quite some time, but I felt a bit begrudged to spend £20 on a burger... Oh how wrong was I. It's not just any burger, it's tender and juicy meat between two sweet brioche buns and it was devine! The burger was complimented by Ben's choice in red wine; Catena (See a photo of it here)
By 10pm we were all fed and watered (alcohol-ed) after a fun filled evening. It was such a great night and lovely to meet some other local bloggers such as Jaye, Charlotte and Kerry. It was also an absolute pleasure to take photos of the wonderful food at Burger & Lobster!
Thank you so much to the fantastic staff at Burger & Lobster Cardiff, who made us all feel so welcome (despite me smashing about 30 glasses - sorry about that!) as well as Ben for making sure we all had an amazing evening and Luke for the delicious cocktails! It was a real pleasure to attend and I am very much looking forward to returning!

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