Friday, 17 July 2015

Steak of the Art (Cardiff)

I had seen Steak of the Art's eye catching building so one day we decided to go to Steak of the Art, and we were kindly greeted and asked if we had booked a table. Well, no we hadn't booked, I think we sometimes feel like we live in the dark ages where no one needs to book a table unless it's a Friday or Saturday night. Oh how we need to learn! However, they luckily had a few tables free (yay) so we were shown to a seat.

I think we both wanted to sit in the undeniably awesome booths they have, but you may need to book to get a chance in those! However, our seats were still pretty cool, and gave us a nice view of the restaurant (and when I say view of the restaurant, I mean a good place to see what other people were ordering and how good their dish looked to help us choose - who doesn't do that??!)
Their menu was pretty select, which in some ways I think is better- you can spend hours deciding what meal to have when at the end of the day, I'd rather go somewhere with less choice and better taste than loads of choice but not much thought put into each dish. Make sense? Oui. For starters we decided to share a meat platter, and this was incredible.(Again, they do have a veggie option!)
I obviously went for a steak dish for main. We also chose the sweet potato fries and a side of onion rings. I'd read A South Wales review of Steak of the Art and she had said the pulled pork didn't live up to her expectations, so although I'm a mahooosive pulled pork fan, I decided against it. I ordered a G&T to go with my steak (I normally order wine but I'm trying to mix it up at the minute) The food came, and it was epic. Cooked how we wanted it, the fries were delish and the onion rings were pretty good too!
We had such a fun time at the restaurant, and because it's got cool d├ęcor everywhere it makes waiting for your food pretty fun as you can go and explore! A perfect place for hyper kids who are massive Dr Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or general film fans as the props will amaze them! Even the toilets are decorated with mesmerising colour changing doors letting you know if someone is occupying them! However, it's not all for children as there is an art gallery there too for the more sophisticated diners, and with a swanky bar it's perfect for a first date as you should avoid any awkward silences with all the ice breaking displays around you! We had a lovely waitress too who was more than helpful when it came to explaining the meats and stuff to us, it always helps to have educated and enthusiastic staff! We shall definitely be returning!
Have you been to Steak of the Art? If you haven't been, are you more interested in visiting it after reading this? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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