Friday, 21 August 2015

Tiger Store Haul!

Last Friday I was invited to the Tiger store in Cardiff and was given free range of the shop. Here's what goodies I picked up and why;

Strawberry umbrella!

I was so excited about this that I had to add it's name in the photo too, just incase it wasn't obvious enough... I got this because the weather in Wales has been slightly unpredictable recently. Actually, scrap that. The weather in Wales has always been unpredictable. It's the middle of August and already it's being super hot and sunny this week and then miserable and pouring with rain.... So why not look good while it pours hey?? 

Salad container!

This slightly strange but very useful product is a salad container with an extra pot in the lid for dressing as well as a plastic fork. It provides the perfect way to transport and munch salad on the go. However, it doesn't just stop at salad, this handy container doesn't just have to have hold salad, what about some crisps and dip in the lid? Or some chicken bites and sauce? The possibilities are endless.

Car essentials!

I've kept this pretty quiet but I'm heading to Scotland at the end of the month for a little getaway! Yippeee! So as we are driving there we will definitely need directions which is why I opted for these next choices. A smartphone holder and a charger cable. This will let us charge the mobile while it's positioned and held on the front window meaning easy access and visibility. You may notice that this charger is a micro USB rather than an iPhone cable, Tiger do stock a variety of iPhone cables but I have a battery case on my phone which requires a different input.


Travel food!

Like I said, we are going away to Scotland which is a pretty hefty drive (8+hrs!) so we need to have some snacks on the way. I picked up some pretzels, chilli puffs and sesame bars in the food section of Tiger as well as the goodies in the photo below. I also picked up some treats for when we get to Scotland; giant marshmallows cooked on an open fire with some butterscotch fudge sounds pretty good to me!

Picnic cool bag!

A mini getaway wouldn't be complete without a picnic at some point, especially when exploring the country! That's why I chose this cooler picnic bag, it looks pretty funky and will keep some food (wine and beers...) cold and easy to carry while on our adventure. You can see some more of the goodies I got from Tiger in the background ready to be packed!

Playing cards & eye masks!

Playing cards on any trip is a must! That's why I picked up these cards at Tiger, and for just £1 they're a bargain! Cosy nights in Scotland while eating marshmallows and playing snap... I can't wait! After we've played some cards it'll be time to get some rest but sometimes getaways don't have the blackout blinds one needs to get a decent night sleep! I've prepared for the worst with these eye masks which I'm hoping will take me off to the land of nod after a long day of waterfall hunting! Tiger had plenty more designs but I loved these ones as they went with my fruity theme!

Clapper board!

Okay so this has nothing to do with my trip to Scotland, but as some of you may know I work in the film production industry so I this immediately caught my eye! I've wanted one for ages but I've never seen one in a highstreet shop that isn't crazy expensive before, well this little bad boy was just £2!

Ring holder!

It's fair to say that I like king & queen themes so this next choice was an obvious one. It looks so cute and is perfect for holding rings, earrings, bracelets and/or necklaces. I've been using the centre bit to store my tunnels too!

I could easily kill a few hours in Tiger as their products completely amaze me. In fact it was really hard not to walk away with the entire shop, but I feel very happy with my picks and know that they will all come in handy. If you want to see what all the fuss is about then visit Tiger in The St Davids Centre (oposite boots) but don't worry they have shops all over if you're not from Cardiff! Let me know what cool stuff you manage to find! 

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