Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Cardiff Devils - A Fun Night For All The Family!

There are many things in Cardiff to do, some free, some relatively cheap and others which require some of that hard-earned money from your piggy bank. So I set a budget of £40 and decided to focus on something which although is rather popular in Cardiff, is still up and coming and definitely fun for all the family. The Cardiff Devils ice hockey games!
The Cardiff Devils are an ice hockey team based in, you guessed it, Cardiff - or to be more precise; The BBT (The big blue tent) About a year ago I started going to their games to find out what all the fuss was about. Well, I can tell you now that the atmosphere during a game is incredible, the Devils put on a real show for the crowd from their exciting opening to their goodbye; The Bownsy Wave. (watch the video below from James Assinder)
You can grab yourself a ticket for £15 (adult) and £7 for a chid which should leave you with some money to buy one of the epic Rollover hotdogs from the stand downstairs, a drink at the bar, or a pizza from the Artisan Cook van outside!
Once you’ve got your snacks and found your seat (or standing location if you want to get up close and personal with the action) then sit tight as you’ve got an hour of fierce men skilfully racing up and down an ice rink attempting to score goals with a tiny puck! You have to see it to believe just how intense the games get, with occasional fistfights and the odd puck flying into the spectators there is never a dull moment!
The Challenge Cup season has literally just begun for the Devils (Saturday 5th Sept saw The Devils Vs Manchester Storm) so there’s still a good 7 months of ice hockey to get stuck into.
If you’re still not convinced then why not watch this video of the fights from the Cardiff Devils V Coventry Blaze game on Saturday 29th August; 
If you’ve gone to watch the Cardiff Devils before, or even any ice hockey game for that matter, then let me know how you enjoyed it! I personally love it and can’t wait for the next game this Saturday! Maybe see you there??!
Also, if you’re planning an entire day trip to Cardiff and are looking for something else to do that’s free before the game starts (they usually start at about 6pm or 7pm) then why not take a look at my Cosmeston Lakes blog or my Penarth Cliff Walk blog, both very close to the ice rink and family friendly activities, alternatively you could go for an ice skate as the rink is usually open to the public a few hours before the game!

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