Friday, 11 December 2015

All The Feels For Some Christmas Adverts of 2015!

If there's one thing that we all get excited about seeing it's the Coca-Cola Christmas advert, as that means quite literally The Holidays Are Coming... But what about the other Christmas adverts that brands spend God knows how much on to pull on our heart strings... Well I've taken a closer look at some of this year's adverts and marked their tear score!

John Lewis

Every single year, without fail, John Lewis provide us with a beautiful Christmas advert that makes us feel warm inside while our eyes well up. This year was no exception as their advert was about a girl called Lily who looked through a telescope and discovered a man on the moon.... It really doesn't sound that Christmasy when I put it like that, but trust me, it is! Last year penguins were the ultimate gift, so maybe telescopes will be the one to watch this year...


It seemed that the two top adverts last year was John Lewis and Sainsbury's. Both equally moving but personally for me, Sainsbury's advert got my vote. However, this year Sainsbury's have taken a slightly different approach and done an advert which is more like a funny Christmasy feature film. I must admit I was slightly dubious watching it, and it definitely reminded me why I don't want a cat anytime soon. BUT, I then watched the 'Behind the Scenes' video and it gave the advert a whole new meaning. Sainsbury's did a splendid job with the CGI of Mog and with the entire advert to be honest, but this didn't bring a tear to my eyes.


Tesco have gone for a much more 'to the point' Christmas advert. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's brilliant that they have lots of gluten free Christmas foods, but unfortunately it means that they didn't bring a tear to anyone's eyes with this one (unless you are crying with joy at the new range of food...)


Okay so this is a weird one, and I felt like it was kinda out of place. It felt like they tried to make an advert that will bring some tears to our eyes as we expect our beloved Terry will be chopped up and cooked for Christmas dinner, but then he is saved and they all enjoy a lovely vegan meal.... But this isn't by a vegan food brand, it's by a telephone service provider- Who don't even sell nut roasts?! Confused was how I felt after watching this, especially with the very abrupt ending. I do think it's lovely that they are promoting animals in this light around Christmas, but I just felt like they could have done something similar that was more relevant to what they do?? Even though I was more confused than upset, I've given this advert one tear score because it was a happy ending for little old Terry after all.


It's fair to say that Aldi put a lot of effort into their Christmas advert, and it does give me that warm feeling inside. But let's be honest, Christmas shopping in Aldi is no walk in the park, it's actually quite an ordeal with people absolutely everywhere and queues that go to the back of the store as they throw your stuff through the checkout as quickly as humanly possible. But hey, they did a good job on the advert as it makes me want to shop there, unfortunately it didn't make me cry.


I don't know what EDEKA is or what they do, but what I do know is that this advert got me. It got me bad. I dare you to try and watch this advert and not get even a shiver of emotion wave over you. You'll be reaching for the phone after watching this to contact loved ones. It topped my Tear Score chart.

What's been your favourite Christmas advert this year? Have any made you cry or are you now immune to the emotional journey that Christmas adverts try to take us on? Let me know!

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