Saturday, 5 December 2015

Locke & Remedy's Merry Menu Review

I was invited to the Locke & Remedy Christmas Warm up do, which involved tasting some of their festive pizzas & burgers (yes I said festive!), as well as having a glass (or two) of their glorious cocktails. Here's some of my photos and thoughts on the evening....

The Drinks

I started off with a cocktail I've never tried; the Gooseberry Fizz. This elegant drink was a mixture of Grey Goose Vodka, Briottet Cassis and Mo√ęt Champagne and it certainly made me feel sophisticated as I eyed up the pizza! 
Next I had a more adventurous cocktail; the Blue Moon. This may sound like an adapted version of a blue lagoon but this is far from it. This Tanqueray gin based cocktail includes Briottet violet and Maraschino syrup, as well as ..wait for it... pasteurised egg! It tasted quite fragrant and with its frothy texture (from the egg) I'd suggest this as more of a dessert drink.
Finally I played it safe and ordered a Sailor Hydration. As you may have guessed this one was mainly Sailor Jerrys with some pineapple juice, Monin caramel syrup, Absolut vanilla and a twist of fresh lime juice. This is one of my personal favourites from Locke & Remedy along with the Old Wives Tales which I had on my first visit.

The Food

If there's one thing that Locke & Remedy know how to do, it's cook a good pizza! Their Christmas special was no exception, in fact it is safe to say it's the best festive pizza I've ever had (okay, so it's the only festive pizza I've ever had, but it was still epic) on it was pork & sage stuffing, maple bacon, chestnuts, cranberry sauce and parsnip crisps. 

The sweet maple bacon and cranberry sauce gave my tastebuds an extra tingle of festiveness. And I must admit, at this point I was convinced this pizza was the be-all and end-all.. 
...But then came the burger... This delicious festive creation was a spiced buttermilk fried turkey breast with bacon-wrapped pork & sage patty and cranberry mayo.  This burger also had a hint of warm gingerbread spices which worked really well. I'd highly recommend this beast!
So there you have it, the new additions to Locke & Remedy's Christmas menu! I hope you enjoyed my post, please let me know if you've tried any festive pizzas or burgers this season so far or if you plan to visit Locke & Remedy!

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