Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Blog Goals For 2016

I recently wrote about my blog goals of 2015 and if I'd managed to achieve them, now even though 2016 is not here just yet, I've got some new goals ready and waiting for me to focus on next year! *Updates in purple made May 23rd 2016* *Updates in blue made August 1st 2016*

Blog Goals for 2016

Blog about more lifestyle - I've said this before, and I'll say it again; I love lifestyle blogs and I feel like I've got so much more to say, it's just finding the time to write it all down and feeling confident enough to share it with the world... I've done a few more lifestyle posts already this year including; My Front Apparel clothing review, my Lush Mother's Day & Easter review and my Spring Living Room Mood BoardI've since branched out and created a fashion & beauty section on my blog, so while it may seem like my 'lifestyle' posts are fewer, there are actually more. 

Improve my photography - I've been really enjoying taking pictures for my blog, but my photography still has a long way to go! I want to up my game in 2016! :)  So far this year I've had some fun with some photo editing, take a look here.  I've also been experimenting with more video editing, you can see a recent video we filmed & edited here.

Do more giveaways - I had a great success with my first ever giveaway I ran this month, so now I'm keen to do some more! 

Host a Twitter chat
 - When I get the chance to take part in a Twitter chat I really enjoy it, and it reminds me why blogging is brilliant (because you meet awesome people!) I'm pleased to say that I've achieved this one- I hosted the UK Bloggers chat on the 26th Feb!

Blog about ice hockey - I am around ice hockey everyday because of my job, and I've really grown to love this sport! I've been practising my photography with it and next year I'd love to share my opinion on it more! I've done three more posts about ice hockey since the new year, read my ice hockey posts here

Go to a blogger event - I really want to go to some blog meet ups next year so let me know of any happening!  I was lucky enough to attend the UK Blog Awards in London which was a lot of fun, still want to attend more though!

To reach 1,000 Bloglovin followers - This was one of my goals for 2015 which I didn't reach so I've decided to carry it over and try to achieve it next year! Just shy of 900 followers on there right now, really amazed with that amount to be honest! Thanks if you've given me a follow, if you'd like to then click here.

Reach 500 Facebook likes Another failed goal of this year, but I'm hoping I can hit the big 500 in 12 months time!

Reach 50,000 blog views - It's nice to see your page views rack up and I think I'm on my way to achieving this as I've reached over 35,000 this year already! Pleased to say I've achieved this! Infact, I'm on track to hit 70,000 page views this year! Woweee!

Reach 4,000 Twitter followers - I love Twitter and I love finding new bloggers and people on there, so for me it's much more than a number, it's a community!

Have you got any blog goals for next year?
*Updates written in purple on May 23rd 2016*
*Updates in blue made August 1st 2016*

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