Sunday, 24 January 2016

Miss Nicklin turns 1!

Today my blog turned 1! Woohoo! I'm amazed that I've kept it up for a year what with moving house, job changes, and life generally just getting in the way! Thank you for all the support and kind words I've received during my time blogging, I hope to continue for a while yet :) :) Here's a little bit about some of my favourite blogs that I've done over the past year:

My Sponsored Skydive

This took a lot of courage as I'm terrified of heights so the thought of jumping 13,000 feet was not an easy one! But with the support of my blog following, and words of encouragement I managed to do it and raise over £400 for charity! However I won't be throwing myself out of a plane again anytime soon...

Burger & Lobster 

This was one of the first blogger events that I was invited too so I was pretty nervous, but I met some great bloggers there such as Jaye from Cardiff In A Teacup and had a laugh with Sara from Sun Sea & Sara! The team at Burger & Lobster were also so welcoming and didn't get mad as me when I broke all of those glasses.... 

My First Printed Review

Again, the blog itself is not my best but what it is about means the world to me. This was back in May and I had my first article in a newspaper! A real newspaper!! Since then I've gone on to write for the CDF quite a few times (with another article in their latest paper which will be out on the 29th Jan) I've also written for Visit Cardiff which was a privilege too :) 

My Top 3 Time Saving Apps!

I had fun writing this post as I like to keep organised and write lists so I managed to nerd-out a bit when I put this one together :) What made it even more special is that Buffer (yes Buffer the app) response to my blog on Twitter and said thank you for including them and that they liked my blog! I know it's no Justin Beiber saying it but I was pretty amazed and flattered! :) 

I hope you've enjoyed some of my posts over the last 365 days, I'll do my best to keep the content coming and will be looking into doing more video projects this year! 

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