Tuesday, 16 February 2016

'The Facelift Without Surgery' - ChinUp Mask Review

I was contacted by ChinUp to try out their brand new product described as the 'simple, non-surgical facelift' which could make you lose 2cm off your chin within 30 minutes... Intrigued by their promises I agreed and looked forward to the arrival of this beauty product!
In the box there's instructions, the firming & contouring face mask, the chin up strap, and a measuring tape so you can measure your results. Application is pretty easy, just clean your face and dry it then apply the contouring mask and add the chin-up strap to keep it in place. The instructions are very straightforward and it has little drawings to help make sure you get the mask and the strap the right way up! 
Once you're all strapped in (literally) you just need to sit back and chill out for 30 minutes while the mask works its magic. Within the first 5 minutes I could feel my skin tightening & the tingling sensation which is down to the Q10 Coenzyme and Corum 9235 in the mask. I've got to admit it felt pretty odd but it wasn't painful at all (obviously if it's painful take it off!) 
After the 30 minutes were up I was so excited to see if it had made a difference! Despite being a little sceptical about the product initially, I could really feel the difference once I took the mask off and I could personally see a difference (slightly more definition in my jaw line too) 
Although from my measuring results I only lost 1cm I would be keen to do this again as the strap is reusable so you can just buy more masks. Let me know if you've tried this product and what your results were or if you'd like to find out more visit Chin-Up's website or Twitter!

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