Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Smoke Haus Restaurant Review (Birmingham)

The Smoke Haus originated in Swansea, followed by a resturant in Cardiff and now most recently in Birmingham. I travelled to the new Haus to see if they managed to bring their famous burgers to England successfully!
Smoke Haus Birmingham is located in the popular restaurant and drinking destination; The Waters Edge. Situated opposite a beautiful canal and the Mailbox, this area lights up at night and buzzes with a great atmosphere. The Smoke Haus did a grand job of decorating the interior and making this new location their own.

The menu is jam packed with all of the Smoke Haus classic dishes, including the Hog Father and the Donut Burger! On this occasion I ordered a double Southern Comfort with chicken wings as a starter.
We ordered spicy and BBQ chicken wings but they are also available plain. The sauces were the good kind of messy - you know the stuff that has you licking your fingers and lathering up the wings even more?! Personally I enjoyed the spicy ones the best as they reminded me of Frank's Hot wings sauce! (If you like that then definitely give these a try!)
The mains were good and included a huge portion of chips (well sweet potato fries for me) and a nice serving of coleslaw too. However the wings were still the highlight of my meal... That is until dessert...
The smoke Haus really outdid itself with the desserts. We ordered a chocolate brownie, a Chocolate Oreo Sundae and two Mississippi Mud Pies. Well... Wow. All of which were super indulgent and delicious, but I definitely discovered a new love for Mississippi Mud Pie! Yum!

Huge thanks to the Birmingham Smoke Haus team for a great evening of laughs, burgers and chocolate overload! 

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