Friday, 9 September 2016

Mark Hill Hair - Pick N Mix Range

 Mark Hill is the UK's leading celebrity hair stylist, so you can imagine I was pretty excited when I received an invite from St David's to meet Mark and get my hair made-over with their new Pick N Mix range!

Today Mark and his team were in Cardiff today showcasing their hair wands and styling the people of Wales as they shop! I normally stick to straightening my hair (mainly due to not having a good enough curling wand and ease) but today I was overhauled into a curly haired goddess using the medium barrel.

Starting with some Mark Hill heat protect and hold spray, the wand was put to my hair and transformed it from lifeless strays to a good hair day! The new Pick N Mix range is a super simple concept, you buy one handle (£14.99) and then you can buy the curling wands that you desire for about £11 each. Each wand will create a different look, from tight ringlets to loose waves.

I love the branding of this product, but I also love the cost! You can't really go wrong with a professional curling stick for £11 which means it'll be affordable to try new looks and be a little adventures with that lock of yours!

Some images provided by Mark Hill
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