Friday, 2 September 2016

My Top Ways to Manage Your Time and Make Awesome Plans!

We've all been there - had a super hectic week and been longing for a chill day, but when your day of no plans comes around, you actually find you're pretty bored... Well I've put together this top tips post to inspire you on  how you can manage your time to ease stress, and how you can make plans that you look forward to!

Time Management

Have a calendar (and keep it organised!)

It may sound silly, even obvious, but you'll be surprised how much better you feel once you have a calendar in your life. I'm not talking about the bog standard calendar on your phone (even though that does the job), but take it one step further; a paper one will re-enforce your plans and help you remember them as you'll have to write them all down. If you keep it in your bedroom or office then you'll always glance over at it and keep on track. If you're a techno-addict and you'd rather stick to apps, then try Wunderlist (I wrote a blog about organisation apps which includes Wunderlist if you'd like to find out more), I also use something called Planner Pro (free) which incorporates all of your calendar events and lets you add tasks which you can check off. The main difference between Planner Pro and Wunderlist is that Planner Pro is in a calendar format, Wunderlist is a list.

Take time out to plan your week out ahead

So it's Sunday night and the working week is about to start again, make sure you know how your week is going to go; what important meetings do you have? Appointments? What will you be having for food each day? This will not only help you feel less stressed about the next 7 days, but also it'll help you keep on track if you're meant to be budgeting or following a specific eating plan. Add notes to your calendar if need be, I often do!

Making Plans!

Now you've organised your time a bit better, you may find you've got more free time than you expected, so here's a great way to ensure you're using your spare time doing what you love!

Organising catch ups

I've recently been introduced to a new app called 'Loose Ends'. This free app lets you make plans, invite your friends and make it easy for them to attend if they also have some free time! It sounds simple, and I guess the concept is, but it's amazing how much time it'll save you and how easy it'll make organising catch ups with old friends!

Celebrating the seasons

If you're like me and love the different celebrations of the year and can't wait for the next few months as it's Halloween in October, Bonfire Night in November, and Christmas in December, then why not plan something to do with those and organise it in advance so you look forward to it and make it happen! Why not throw a Halloween themed party this year, I've created a Pinterest board with lots of awesome ideas if you need some inspiration. You could either set up the event in the Loose Ends app, or you could go old school and send out some snail mail! (Just make sure you've got everyone's updated address!)

Ticking off the bucket list

It's great seeing friends for a drink down the local, but wouldn't you rather have a sky-diving experience to look forward to with them?! (You can find out about my skydiving experience if you'd like) Try signing up to sites that give you daily offers such as Groupon, Wowcher, Voucher Codes, and Secret Escapes. It can be a bit hit and miss, but one day an epic deal with pop into your inbox and you'll be ticking off that bucket list before you know it! Earlier this week I was sat in an Ice bar in London drinking cocktails out of ice glasses and wearing a cape!

I hope you've enjoyed my little top tips blog for organising time and making plans, let me know how you make plans successfully!

This blog is a collaboration with Loose Ends 

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