Tuesday, 22 November 2016

5 Delivery Apps That Allow You To Throw Out Your Old Menus*

With the pace and pressures of everyday life, having food delivered can sometimes seem like a total lifesaver. This is perhaps an overstatement, but most of us have had a moment where the term seemed to (temporarily) apply.

At one point, restaurant delivery meant we had a choice of pizza or Chinese depending on which menu we could find stuffed into a the kitchen drawer along with vouchers and recipe cards, or lacking the menu we would simply order “the usual.”

Fortunately the days of limited choice and a drawer full of menus are long gone. A growing number of restaurants ranging from Burger King to high-end steak houses offer their full menu for delivery; all with searchable online menus.

Here are some to the top delivery apps you need to have on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop:

One Delivery and Just Fast Food

One Delivery is a third party company that delivers orders from some of the UK’s most popular restaurants, like Burger King, McDonalds, Wagamamas, and KFC, which accounts for more than one half of their orders. One Delivery is not formally associated with any of the restaurants and in fact a McDonalds’ spokesperson noted their opposition saying that “If an unauthorised company were to set up a service delivering McDonald’s food, we would not be able to guarantee the quality of the food, or that it would be delivered with the high level of customer service we and our customers would expect." The fact that franchises do not always endorse the service has not served to curb demand.

Just Eat

Just Eat was founded by a group of Danes in 2001 and made its UK debut in 2006. Just Eat offers diners a staggering choice of about 27,000 restaurants. Fortunately for the apps’ users, the service can be sorted by postcode and type of cuisine. The app also lets users search for newly added restaurants and will even make suggestions based on previous orders and the customer’s profile.

Hungry House

Hungry House was launched in 2006 with just 9 restaurant partners in London by a pair of foodies and IT professionals. An appearance on the Dragon’s Den not only helped the team secure financing for the project but also helped introduce the service to the public. Today Hungry House works with more than 10,000 restaurants from all parts of the UK. The site is very well liked by those who enjoy Indian and Chinese cuisine, but offers searchable menus from a wide range of cuisines. Not only can users scan menus and read other diner’s reviews, they can also order and pay for the meal directly from the app.


UberEats is the newest offering from the popular ride-sharing company. The company’s restaurant choices is not the largest, UberEats currently partners with about 150 restaurants in London, but is growing. UberEats with only deliver from restaurants within a 30-minute drive from the user’s home as part of their effort to deliver only hot, fresh meals. The service is available from 11am until 11pm.


Now the Deliveroo service is available throughout the UK and delivers everything from sweet snacks, pizzas and sushi to both offices and homes. The Deliveroo service is available from noon till 2300. The minimum order to use the service is about £15 and the delivery staff (known as Roowomen and Roomen) only accepts credit cards, although tips may be paid in cash. In addition to offering an incredible array of choices, Deliveroo does not take itself too seriously and the app and website take a light-hearted approach to ordering delivery.

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