Monday, 12 December 2016

Busting Myths About Female Health

So this post is for all the ladies out there (sorry gents), and it's about a pretty intimate topic, so if you fancy testing your knowledge then continue reading... 

Canesten got in touch with me to see if I'd like to give their BV myth busting quiz a go, so I thought why not... Confidently I started the quiz only to result in me getting 50% of the questions right! And considering the quiz is only 6 questions long, that's a measly 3 questions I got right... Shocking! Here are my results, I blanked the correct answers out though so it doesn't ruin it for you!

So I want to put you guys to the test to see how much you know, it's quick and educating so what are you waiting for? Test your knowledge below and let me know your answers - no cheating though ;-)
Canesten believe that if women know more about their health particularly their intimate health – which can be an embarrassing or uncomfortable topic to talk about – they will be better equipped to make the right health decisions. If women are more willing to speak openly that can help them to be more confident and comfortable in their own bodies and happier overall. So what can you do to keep BV at bay? Well, for starts you can stop using regular shower gels down there, and opt to use pH balancing products such as the Canesfresh feminine wash. Always wash and dry yourself properly, especially after exercising. After swimming or working out make sure you change your underwear too, so you stay fresh and clean.
This blog is in collaboration with Canesten
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