Thursday, 15 December 2016

Getting Creative With Stockings

If you haven't noticed already then December is hands down my favourite month of them all! Why you ask? Well because of Christmas silly! Each year I try and do something creative, whether it's making personal gift cards or cooking some baked goodies. This year I'm attempting to make my own stocking which will hopefully serve me for years to come...

The Stocking

Now while I could have made one if I put my mind to it, I've cheated and bought a stocking off eBay (but for 99p I wasn't really going to argue). The stocking is very plain and is a classic style with the white topping and red body. I thought this would be perfect to let my creativity run wild.

The Decorations

For the decorations I was sent some felt, robbins, bells and other bits and bobs from Turtle Mat to complete my festive footsie! I started with cutting the felt into Christmassy shapes and sticking them to my stocking with glitter glue. A few hours, and a messy room later, and I'd finished!

Now, this isn't my best work, but felt is surprising hard to cut! I attempted to create a star about 6 times but all resulted in weirdly shaped triangles so in the end I made a little yellow bauble for the top of the tree and covered it in glitter!

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