Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bean Bag Cinema at 29 Park Place

Fancy watching a classic movie with a bunch of other people on comfy bean bags? Well 29 Park Place is doing just that... (Photo by Explore with Ed)
I always get that 'Welcome Home' feeling when I step into 29 Park Place, it's relaxed, has great cocktails and good food. So when they invited me to come to their bean bag cinema night I was pretty excited. They were showing Mrs Doubtfire on all their TVs (and big screen) in the venue and had 25 bean bags up for grabs to sink into.
For the event they took a £5 deposit per person which was then redeemable against food and drink, although that was a starting price for this new event, they are looking to include food or drinks within their actual price which will be around the £10 mark per person.
The cinema club is set to take place on the last Sunday of every month, starting at 6pm and finishing at about 9.30pm (depending on the film). While the upstairs is open to people who just want to eat and not watch a film, the resturant itself is only open to those who are enjoying the movie as they want to make it a full cinema experience, letting viewers enjoy the sound and video of the film.
Photo by Explore with Ed
So why are 29 Park Place doing this? Well, they want to be just more than a restaurant and cocktail bar. They want to offer fun and creative events which will make people feel at home whilst in a social and diverse venue. I think it's a pretty great idea and after attending the event I can see it being quite popular for couples and groups of friends as it's intimate yet still has all the qualities of a real cinema (such as popcorn, a selection of food, big screens and fantastic sound).

To find out more about their upcoming films, visit 29 Park Place on Facebook

What are your thoughts on the bean bag cinema club? How much would you pay to attend and would this be something you're interested in? I'd love to know!

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