Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Trainspotting 2

Being a filmie (as well as a foodie) I love watching a good film. My favourite genre is thrillers but I do like the odd rom-com and sci-fi. I also love a good British film, which is why when Showcase Cinemas contacted me to give me VIP tickets to see a movie, I knew which one I wanted to watch; Trainspotting 2.

Upon entering the nostalgic cinema in Nantgawr we were warmly greeted by the staff, we got our tickets and picked up some treats. We opted for a late showing so the cinema was quite quiet which gave us the full selections of seats to choose from. Obviously we went for a nice central location and got comfy to enjoy this much awaited sequel.
2017 (L to R - Spud, Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie)
Trainspotting 2 is a Danny Boyle film, which continues the story of 4 'junkies', 20 years on from their youthful and illegal antics. The same actors play the key roles which makes this cult film even more compelling. While the term 'Trainspotting' is slang for finding a vein, the film is called Trainspotting in reference to a scene in which Begbie and Renton pass a drunk old man who slurs as he asks if they are trainspotting while at the train station. This man turns out to be Begbie's father... (That scene is featured in Trainspotting 2)
The cast back in 1996 (L to R - Begbie, Sick Boy, Renton)
From the get go you can tell it's a British Film 4 production; energetic music, quirky edits and drama within minutes. As the movie goes on it features flash backs of the original Trainspotting and shots of the boys when they were kids. I felt like this added a lot of value to the story, I mean making a film 20 years on isn't an easy job - especially to make it seamless and still realistic.
Things didn't go quite to plan for Renton and Sick Boy during T2....
I didn't really have any expectations of the film, I just wanted some answers to the first one and to see how they had continued the story. Without revealing too much this film includes some graphic scenes, drug abuse and a twist or two.
Begbie losing his temper in Trainspotting 2
Robert Carlyle (Begbie) played his evil role exceptionally well, he made my skin crawl much like Mick Jenkins did in 'This is England' (if you enjoy British films then definitely watch that!) Ewen Bremner (Spud) also did a fantastic job of playing his character 20 years on and really pulled on my heart strings during some scenes. Overall it was a brilliant sequel, and was made even better by watching it on a big screen at Showcase! Have you watched Trainspotting 2? 

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I was invited to Showcase to review my visit, my opinions are my own. Photos from the movie have been sourced online.
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