Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Blog Goals of 2015

I only started my blog in January and I really had no clue what I was getting into. Yes I've dabbled in some blogs in the past, but I never pushed them on social media much, they were just like an online diary where I could mix my love of ramblings and my love of techy things (okay, so not ultra techy but playing around with all the layouts on blogger counts right...??) Here's the blogging goals I set myself when I started....

My two most popular blog posts pictured above
At the start of this year I (obviously) had 0 followers on many social media accounts, other than my Twitter which was on about 200. I started a new Instagram which I've just re-named 'missnicklinblog' and I didn't really have a clue what Pinterest was.

Here's the full list of my blog goals (the ones in red have not been completed, the ones in green have):

To reach 1,000 Bloglovin followers (Currently on 560)
Reach 500 Facebook likes (Currently on 319)
Reach 25,000 blog views
Reach 100 Pinterest followers 
Reach 1,500 Twitter followers
Reach 5500 YouTube subscribers (currently on 5200)
Reach 500+ LinkedIn Connections
Reach 1000 Instagram Followers
Reach 500 Google+ friends (currently on 315)

It makes me a little bit sad that I haven't reached all my goals yet :( But I have been very busy with work over the last 4 months which has meant my blog has taken a hit. It's refreshing to know that I can come back to my blog whenever and it's always going to be my little place though :) 
My Instagram @MissNicklinBlog 
Maybe I was a bit ambitious with my targets but I'll learn for 2016! Have you got any blog goals? If so, are you set to reach them for this year? I'd love to know - comment below!


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