Wednesday 19 July 2017

3 New Updates at McDonalds!

While I will always support independents and locally run restaurants, McDonalds is admittedly a guilty pleasure of mine. Mainly because it's so quick, affordable and you always know what you're going to get (although sometimes they do forget the fries with my meal...) so when McDonalds invited me to see the new changes they've put into place I was down.

It's no secret that McDonalds have received their fair share of bad press over the years, but I for one have noticed the new additions and changes that have already been put into place in a few of their UK restaurants. They are trying to revolutionise and upgrade their entire process, from sourcing the items on their menu, to making your time spent at their restaurant more enjoyable for the whole family.

So here's three changes you need to look out for over the next with months at Maccy D's 

Easier Ways to Order

If you've stepped into a McDonalds recently then you've probably seen the big white kiosks. These aren't just for you to price up what you want, you can actually order through the kiosks (making it easier than ever to customise your meal), and then you can choose table service if you're wanting to get seated and avoid the queues at the till.

They've just introduced a new way of ordering via your mobile too so you can place your order before you've even got to the restaurant (just when hangry starts to kick in...!) and finally, you can now get your food delivered right to your door with McDelivery (I think the hungover me let out a little squeal when I discovered that)

Fresher, Faster Food

No more 'food bins' waiting at the front with pre-made burgers sweating away, now every order is made to order, so if you're one of those who prefers it without gherkins but thinks it'll take longer to prepare then think again. As soon as the team receives your order, it'll be ready in no time as it goes down the production line as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Signature Menu

I personally really like the signature menu as it keeps us foodies satisfied when we want something a little different without the price tag. What was very interesting to discover was that each item is put through numerous tests and trials before it's even launched to make sure it tastes just right. (Dream job right there)

So there you have it, a few things for you to try out next time you're craving a McDonalds! What's your favourite thing on the menu?

While this blog is sponsored by McDonald's, all opinions are my own.

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