Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Revolucion De Cuba New Menu Review (Cardiff)

Revolucion De Cuba hosted a mini blogger event last week to taste some dishes off their brand new menu as well as make some of their classic cocktails! Here's what we tried and my favs:

Tapas Dishes

Honey Roasted Vegetables - £4.50
Roasted Butternut Squash - £4.50
Sardines - £5
Glazed Chicken with Romesco - £5.50
Pork and Chorizo Quesadilla - £5.50
Cauliflower Wings £4.50
Nachos Del sol - £5.50
I loved the tasty pork and chorizo quesadillas and I was pleasantly surprised by the cauliflower wings which is a delicious alternative for vegetarians (or even for those meat lovers). Tapas dishes are 3 for £13 Monday - Saturday, and on Sundays they're 2 for 1.

Main Meals

Marinated Cauliflower Steak - £9
Chicken Salad - £9.50
Chargrilled Chicken Skewer - £11.50
Whole Flash-Fried Bream - £12
Pork and Chorizo Burger - £11
Beef Brisket and Jalapeno Burger - £13.50
Again, the pork and chorizo combination was a winner in my books so I really enjoyed that burger! Closely followed by the whole flash-fried bream which is accompanied by homemade patatas bravas.
Revolucion De Cuba are also more than happy to provide vegan versions of a lot of their dishes, just ask! Let me know if you've been to Revolucion De Cuba in Cardiff yet, or read my previous blog to find out where they are based in Cardiff.
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