Saturday 19 March 2016

Blow-dry Treatment at Amaryllis Salon

I was invited to try out Amaryllis' latest 'Your Hair Assistants' blow-dry products which are meant to create beautifully full hair without the damage of heated rollers, while also adding some nourishment back into your hair!
Amaryllis is an eco-friendly salon in Cardiff on Cowbridge road. They pride themselves on offering exceptional service and a relaxing environment while using organic and eco-friendly products.
For my treatment Rebecca applied two lots of the 'Your Hair Assistants' prep shampoo, followed by the rich balm conditioner (the rich one is used on thick and damaged hair - but they also have a mild cream for finer hair). She gently massaged the balm into my hair and scalp - which was just what I needed after a busy weekend in work! Then she let it soak into my hair for 5 minutes and washed it off.

We then moved over to the seats and she sprayed some blow-dry primer onto my hair! Not something I've ever heard of before but this smooths your hair - just like how you would use primer for your face! She then proceeded to brush through my hair and drying it as she went. I've never been to a salon just for a blow-dry so I let Rebecca use her judgement on how to style it, and she immediately knew my hair type and how to work with it to get the best results which was very reassuring.
She finished with the 'Your Hair Assistants' powder which adds body to your hair and holds it slightly better, she also added a light mist of the hair spray just to help it remain in place.

I loved my look once Rebecca had finished, my hair felt light, bouncy and so soft! But it also felt healthy and looked it too, which was a nice change as I normally straighten my hair every day and it's had it's fair share of bleach baths in the past.... My hair also smelt amazing (think soft jasmine & mint fragrances) and lasted all day (despite walking over 3 miles and going on London underground) the following day my hair still felt fresh and full of life too!
This treatment costs £37 so it would be ideal if you're in need of a little pick-me-up or just want to give your hair some TLC! Click here to book an appointment or find out more about their products! Many thanks to Rebecca & Tiffany for inviting me and looking after me so well, it was a really lovely experience! <3
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