Sunday 11 October 2015

My Top 3 Time Saving Apps for Social Media & Organisation!

I've been using some good apps to help me manage my time and social media better so here's my top 3 time saving apps that every blogger (or anyone trying to manage multiple social media accounts for that matter) should try;
As I've mentioned before, I work full time, and my blog is just a hobby which can easily kill a few hours everyday if I have the chance - Shout out to those parenting blogs who manage to look after kids at the same time as running an active blog! Anyway, in order to keep my life manageable (just about anyway) I try to find efficient ways of doing things to save time and make the time I do spend more effective, so here's my top apps!


I discovered this free app late last year, and I haven't looked back since! You can have folders with categories of lists which can then have lists within lists, with due dates and reminders and things you tick off. It makes me feel like superwoman of productivity, and it's amazingness doesn't stop there, you can share specific lists with people so you can write a food shopping list and share it with your partner/housemate and you can each check off things you've got! You can access Wunderlist on a web-browser, download the app for your mac and on your iPhone, and they all work simultaneously together! You can also add your due date schedule to your google calendar or iCloud calendar which means you can see when things are due! This is great for making a blog scheduled!

It's no secret that Tweetdeck is great for scheduling tweets, however, I use it for far more than just that. I have it up and running whenever I'm on my computer because it's a realtime twitter feed, which is especially great when it comes to blog chats! You can add numerous columns with lists, hashtags and your user information such as; 'user home', 'messages', notifications', '#UKBloggers', 'blogger list' and see what's happening on each feed at the same time! You can then easily move each column around which comes in handy if you've got a blog chat coming up and you want it to be next to your 'mentions' so you can see if anyone is tweeting to you! The downfall is that you can't use it on your mobile device so if you've scheduled something and you've realised that you've added the wrong URL or hashtag while you are out then you are screwed, but I have another solution for you on my next point...
Buffer is mainly a scheduling platform, however, you can use it to send tweets out immediately on multiple social media platforms! It also shortens your link rather than you having to go on which saves a little bit of time. You can connect your Buffer to a Twitter account, Facebook profile, Facebook group, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn page, Google+ Page and now your Pinterest account! It tracks your analytics and tells you what's going well... or not so well.. As mentioned above, Tweetdeck doesn't have an app for your phone, however, Buffer does which means that you can connect to your account through your phone and change/edit/add posts on the move! Pretty handy! Another cool thing about Buffer is that you can set up posting times and days for different accounts, so if you wanted to post on LinkedIn Mon-Fri then you select those days, choose the times and just click 'add to queue' whenever you have a new status update! Which makes it super hassle free! I'm warming to buffer because it gives you the analytics for each update, which is useful if you're trying to figure out what your followers like to see you posting! 
Now, I'm no expect on apps, or even blogging for that matter, but these three save me time everyday! Does anyone else use any of those apps? If you've got any that you swear by then please comment below as I'm always on the look out for new cool stuff!

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