Monday 11 July 2016

Breakout Escape Rooms! (Cardiff)

Breakout Cardiff opened its doors just over a month ago and it's already making a huge impression! I was lucky enough to take my boyfriend and some friends along to try and escape their original room; Classified... 
Breakout Cardiff is in the Brewery Quarter (next to chippy lane and just off St Mary's street) once you get into the quarter you can see signs for it on the building, just make your way to the glass door and you're there! 
Classified involves you sitting your final entrance exam before you become a secret agent. In this you need to find all of the qualities needed to be an excellent agent, theses are hidden in the room and you have to use your brain, knowledge and problem solving skills to find them. Sounds easy right? Think again.... 
You're locked in a room and you're monitored by the Breakout Cardiff team on cameras who give you clues if you're truly struggling. We started out thinking we would smash it but 10 minutes in and the TV beeped with a clue as it was obvious we were finding this harder than we thought...
Without giving too much away, this game did make us think and at times we were totally stumped, but we did it with 3 minutes to go!! This room has a 50% escape rate, their other room; Sabotage, has a 20% escape rate.... We did also attempt the Sabotage room but unfortunately we weren't as successful.. 
Breakout Cardiff are in the process of building a carnival themed escape room which sounds awesome! They described it as 'The Carnival meets Saw'... I definitely want to check that one out when it opens in about a week! Check out these exclusive photos below:
Good news if you're not local to Cardiff, breakout also have a place in Manchester and one of their rooms has a 5% escape rate.... I think that's for the hardcore escape room enthusiasts though! Thanks to Breakout Cardiff for inviting me along, it was super fun and I definitely recommend! Visit their website for more info!
Find Breakout Cardiff at Unit 9a, The Brewery Quarter, Caroline Street, Cardiff, CF10 1FG

Photos supplied by Breakout Cardiff



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