Monday 3 October 2016

5 Scary TV Series to Watch This October

Looking for something scary to get into this October but don't fancy it being just 90 minutes long? Try some of my top television series picks and you won't be disappointed (but you may have to sleep with the light on....)
In no particular order and without revealing too much;

1) Scream 

Don't let the 47% Rotten Tomatoes rating put you off! This gruesome television series is dark, graphic and filled with twists! It's only 2 series long but is due to have a Halloween special this month that'll conclude the series! The mask is also a lot more creepy in this series too...  You can watch Scream on Netflix.

2) American Horror Story

I started Americn Horror Story from the second series entitled 'Asylum'. As you can guess, it's set in a mental institution back in 1964 and if that doesn't already send shivers down your back then it's got everything from exorcism, aliens, Natzis, and monsters in, oh and also Adam Levine from Maroon 5... But be warned, this is darkThis is also available on Netflix

3) The Walking Dead

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years then you will have heard of The Walking Dead, and if you've given it a watch then chances are you've already got your evening blocked out on October 23rd as it returns for season 7. But if you haven't yet followed the story of Rick Grimes or had the urge to pronounce 'Carl' like 'Coral' then you are truly missing out. I suggest you start from series 1 and catch up before S7 is out! Oh I'd also recommend watching The Talking Dead for the new series too if you can! This is hands down one of my favouirte TV series! This will be on Fox!

4) Pretty Little Liars

It may sound like something innocent but this television series is far from pretty - except for the actresses! Following 5 girls in Pennsylvania who seem to have the perfect life, it's soon revealed that they all have secrets and someone is out to get them... You can watch PLL on Netflix

5) Dexter 

Dexter is a Miami based blood splatter expert working with the police to help understand murders, what could possibly be scary about that? Well, he also commits them too in the name of justice, but two wrongs don't a right... Catch Dexter on Netflix 

As an extra suggestion, I'd also like to add Stranger Things to the list! Give it a watch if you can!

Would you recommend any of the above? Or do you have your own suggestions? - I'd love to know! PS This is not sponsored by Netflix, it's just my honest suggestions!

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