Friday 21 October 2016

Steak of the Art Restaurant Review (Cardiff)

When I experimented being a vegetarian for 8 months, the only thing that brought me back to my meat eating ways was steak. I love the taste, the texture, and just everything, about a good steak. So when Steak of the Art invited me to try some of their popular dishes, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Steak and art under one roof, yes.
Jamie and I trotted off to their Cardiff restaurant located just off Queen Street on Churchill Way, where we were kindly greeted with a glass of champagne.

For starters I went for the garlic and chilli tiger prawns (£6), whereas Jamie opted for a vegetarian option and ordered the hummus (£3). The prawns were my kind of prawns, big, juicy and spicy- non of this baby prawn malarkey. The hummus came with warm pitta and a roasted red pepper harissa. Personally I preferred the prawns (obvs- me being a fish fanatic) but the warm pitta bread was just what I needed to lap up the tasty sweet chilli sauce accompanying the prawns. In this case it was nice to try a bit of both starters and make our own sort of 'platter'.
For mains we went for the steak (well, how could we not?!) both choosing the classic rump cut (200g - £14) with sweet potatoes (supplement of £1) and a sauce each (I had red wine jus, Jamie had peppercorn sauce - £2 each). I asked for mine to be cooked rare, and as you can imagine (and expect) from a steak house, it was cooked exceptionally well, and would have gone down perfectly with a glass of red. Jamie had no complaints about his medium steak, and the generous pile of sweet potatoes finished our dishes off.

For desserts Jamie ordered the eton mess iced parfait (£5.50) whilst I had my eye on the chocolate mouse on peanut biscuit base with praline and a dollop of ice-cream (£5.50). I ordered a gin smash (as recommended on the menu) to go with my dessert, however I feel like a rich glass of red wine or a bourbon cocktail would have gone better with the indulgent sweet. That being said, the gin smash was a total hit in my eyes - sort of like a gin mojito with a fresh and zesty taste.
Overall our meal was fantastic, great staff and amazing restaurant with the art gallery and themed booths, definitely one to try if you fancy something a little bit quirky yet still with home comforts!

Although our visit was complimentary, the opinions are my own.

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