Wednesday 23 November 2016

#MNPhotoChallenge December 2016 - Get Involved!

After wanting to do my own photo challenge for a while I've decided that December is my chosen month! Well it is the best month after all...! So I've put together 31 topics for each day that will hopefully inspire you to get out there with your camera (or phone) and make some memories of the month. Read on for some ideas and to find out how you can easily take part!

How to Take Part 

Well first of all it's free (obviously), super easy and it'll be fun! 
Just upload a photo that goes with the topic of that day (e.g. on the first of December you could upload a photo of your advent calendar) but be as creative as you want - take photos, create images, regram photos, draw something, make a boomerang... do what you like! Just make sure you use the hashtag #MNPhotoChallenge (standing for Miss Nicklin Photo Challenge) and tag me in too if you can! I'll RT/regram my favs :)

Join by uploading your image to Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook! By the end of the month you will have a lovely collection of images that show your story of December 2016!


1st December - Advent Calendar 
2nd December - Christmas Tunes
3rd December - Winter Walk
4th December - Comfort in a Mug
5th December - Decorate
6th December - Cosy
7th December - Twinkle
8th December - Last Christmas
9th December - Post an Elfie!
10th December - Shopping
11th December - Christmas Movie
12th December - Winter Nights
13th December - Christmas Jumper
14th December - Wrapping
15th December - Wish List
16th December - Cup of Good Cheer
17th December - Winter Wonderland
18th December - Traditions
19th December - Mistletoe 
20th December - Fireplace
21st December - Tree
22nd December - Family
23rd December - Naughty or Nice
24th December - Baked Treats
25th December - Merry Christmas
26th December - Leftovers
27th December - Grateful 
28th December - Weather
29th December - This Year... 
30th December - Goals for 2017
31st December - Celebrate

So join in, and have fun! Looking forward to seeing everyone's month!

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