Thursday 2 February 2017

New Menus & Restaurants in Cardiff

January is always a bit of a strange month, it's the make or break month of new years resolutions and so being a food blogger that's a little tricky! However, I'm not one to turn down a sample of a new dish in the name of fitting into a smaller pair of jeans, so here's some of the places I've tried this month that you should look into! (It does contain some healthy options!) header photo is of Nine Yards.

Nine Yards

Photo by Explore with Ed - Panna Cotta
Nine Yards is an Italian patisserie which opened on St Mary's street last year. As well as delightful baked goods, it's become well known for it's selection of prosecco and slushy proseccos! This month I was invited to taste their new menu with some other food bloggers! My top choices were the creamly garlic mushrooms, the gorgonzola garlic honey and the white chocolate panna cotta for dessert. They currently have a Valentine's offer on which it's perfect for treating a loved one if you need some ideas. 


Benugo is the cafe located within John Lewis in St Davids shopping centre. As well as loose tea, cakes and scones, this cafe has introduced some healthy and fresh salads and sandwiches to get you through a busy day of shopping. My personal favs are the pesto pasta and the roast oregano chicken & antipasti baguette. 


Cheese Theory Burger
Kong is fairly new to Cardiff (officially opened in December) but I've only just got round to trying it thanks to the wonderful little app that's called Wriggle (if you haven't downloaded it then you should!) This gaming bar not only offers arcade games and table football, but it also has a menu to keep you well fed as you play! I had The Sheriff (a meaty beef patty with crispy onion rings and BBQ sauce) it was incredible, the sauce was delicious and I was left feeling oh so full! We did still try the dessert though (for blogs sake...) and that was good too, I personally preferred the cheesecake to the rich Oreo & peanut butter torte but both were very nice!

Tempus at Tides

Sticky Toffee Pudding
The final restaurant that I've been lucky enough to try this month is Tempus at Tides, Cardiff Bay. This fine-dining restaurant is located within the 5 star St David's hotel, overlooking the water. Click if you would like to read my full review of Tempus at Tides

If you have a new menu or restaurant in South Wales that you would like me to feature then don't hesitate to drop me an email;

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