Thursday 10 August 2017

Drayton Manor Review

I visited Drayton Manor theme park with work (Lumix UK) for a team building and training day, in which we were put in their hotel for an overnight stay and then had a few hours at the park. As I grew up in Worcestershire this is the theme park I used to visit with school so I was interested to see how much it had changed.

The Hotel

The hotel was very clean, well kept and child friendly (as you would imagine). I was slightly disappointed that my room didn’t have a fun theme, although you can pay extra to stay in the Thomas the Tank Engine rooms if you wish - I just thought it being a theme park hotel they would all be themed. The room was decorated well though, with a purple theme throughout and a nice spacious bathroom with all the facilities I could need in the room itself (TV, chair, desk, iron, fridge etc)

Food at the Hotel


The breakfast selection was good, I decided not to have a cooked breakfast and opted for a fruit and yogurt continental meal. It filled me up and tasted good so I have no complaints on that.


We had a buffet in the resturant for lunch and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed. The selection was lacking and it was very unclear as to what was vegetarian and what wasn’t. It was very heavy (Chinese style food) which isn’t exactly what I fancied before I entered the park. They did have some fresh fruit and salad but the salad selection wasn’t very much and it didn’t look that appetising.


I had dinner in the hotel bar which had quite a good selection of food. However, there were four of us eating, one of which had ordered a paella. This came out within 5 minutes, whereas the rest of us waited over 30 minutes for our baguettes. The staff did ask if we wanted them to heat the paella up but by that point we were all starving and decided to just eat it how it was. My steak baguette was delicious, not something I usually order so I was impressed by that.

The Theme Park

I only had a few hours at the park but luckily we went on a week day which meant queues were very small, however, a few of the rides were shut (including Storm Force 10) To make matters worse, after we had queued for 20 mins for G Force we were then told that it was experiencing technical difficulties so we could not go on it. I did manage to go on one ride though, Shockwave, which was great fun!
The zoo was good, but I was disappointed to see the bird centre was shut as I love birds and it was pretty much the only thing I wanted to see. However they still had some beautiful parrots in the cages.

Overall, I could have spent a few more hours at the park but felt a bit let down by the closed rides and food quality as well as the service. I would like to return to see if it was just a bad day at the park (especially to visit the bird centre) but I'm not in any rush.
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While my stay was paid for by Lumix, it is in no way sponsored by Drayton Manor.
All photos taken on my Panasonic DMC-G80MEB-K*
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