Sunday 10 December 2017

Christmas Decoration Inspo!

I absolutely love Christmas, so I've put together a little wishlist of Christmas decorations to give your home an extra sparkle!

There's so many different options online that match with this theme, these are just a handful of items that caught my eye! I love the nut cracker as it follows a traditional style but looks very smart in white and gold. The plate will add glamour to any meal you serve on it (even leftovers), and the stocking is an absolute essential for Christmas time!

Reefs are another traditional decoration that'll give visitors that festive feeling before they even step foot in your house. I've included another option and also a cute little tree in the image above! You can view the tree here, or click to view the other white reef.

Let me know what your favourite Christmas decorations are this season!
This post is a collaboration with Amara
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