Tuesday 27 February 2018

Spring Fashion Board*

Today I'm going to be sharing with you a collection of spring fashion ideas! With the warmer weather slowly approaching, it's time to put away those heavy jumpers and start to enjoy the sunshine, maybe do a spot of gardening, and of course, get the BBQ ready for summer..!
The Seersucker top from H&M is really versatile, it comes in a few different patterns and I especially like the white one (pictured) and the blue striped one. This top would go well with the shorts, mini skirt and jeans in this spring fashion board. The Vans trainers are essentials no matter what the season, I chose these ones because I liked the colour (it made me think of daffodils - which are definitely something I associate with Spring!) The Backless mini dress by Top Tier Style is a playful and cute dress that is ideal for warmer months, you can pair it with a white cardigan and it'll be a nice combo for some drinks with friends! The dress comes in a few different colours, for Spring I liked the orange version (pictured) or the yellow version which you can find on their website. I also thought the vintage boho dress would be nice as an everyday dress, or something to wear for day-time parties.

The 7 pocket jeans are very practical for Spring time, offering you a whopping seven pockets to store bits and bobs in. In the image above I created a walking/gardening outfit which includes the jeans and the functional jacket (also by Engelbert-Strauss), a striped scarf by Debenhams, and some white Van trainers (although you may already have some gardening boots!)

This floral mini skirt by River Island is full of chill vibes, I think it looks lovely with the H&M top, colourful heels by TopShop and finished with a bright handbag (also by River Island) This would be a cute style to wear on an evening out!

If you're after a more everyday look, then I put together the distressed shorts by Top Tier Style, the mustard yellow Vans, the white H&M top, and then added some yellow earnings by New Look to bring out the colour of the shoes.

I hope you enjoyed my Spring fashion inspiration, what have you got on your shopping list for this season? I'd love to know!

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