Wednesday 6 May 2015

My First Printed Review (The CDF)
So as most of you know, especially those who are avid readers of my blog (you guys rock!) I write reviews. Mainly food reviews about local places in Cardiff and it's surrounding areas, however, I also do the odd adventure and event review.
Well, yesterday something awesome happened - I got my hands on the latest copy of The CDF and I saw that a review I'd written had been printed. On a whole page! A whole page of me rambling on! This made me feel amazing, I was super excited!I'm not the strongest of writers, and I haven't been doing this long, so having my stuff printed is just incredible! It's like the world is giving me a pat on the back and saying 'you know what, you're okay'. Eeeeek!
I think it was especially awesome as the day I went to do the review, I was in agony, and I mean a-g-o-n-y as I had tooth ache that felt like I wanted to rip my teeth out and sit in the corner rocking back and forth (in fact, I spent about 6 hours the following day in the dentist, ugh) However, I had committed myself so after a full day at work I toddled off and met my good friend Jamie... he joined me and added some extra laughs to my evening which always helps if you're not feeling too great! It was really enjoyable but because I was in so much pain it meant that I was worried I wouldn't be able to write it to my normal standard (who am I kidding, I have no standard). So seeing it in black and white was very nice!
I guess I can call myself a published writer now, right??? Please say I can! Haha. Anyway, thanks for reading and supporting my little ventures! This is my first blog with a slightly more personal twist, I'm thinking about doing more, opinions?

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