Wednesday 22 April 2015

My Cookie Dough (Cardiff)

You can't deny the delicious taste of Reece's Pieces nor the mouthwatering combination of banana and toffee, let alone when they are on a bed of warm cookie dough with ice cream on top... Mmmm... We visited My Cookie Dough to do some first hand investigating of this new(ish) pop up shop in Cardiff (it was totally for research purposes only...)
I'd heard of My Cookie Dough a few weeks back, they seemed to be the talk of the town (or City in this case..) I kept seeing these amazing photos of cookie dough with tantalizing toppings all with the hashtag mycookiedough. I then discovered that they were based in St Davids shopping center, so on my next trip there I made sure we stopped off at My Cookie Dough.
We ordered two different cookie doughs, one was the peanut butter topping, and the other was bannoffie - Both are my favourite flavours, so I couldn't not try them.. That would have been rude right...? 
My Cookie Dough also have a selection of milkshakes available at their stand if you're fancying something a bit different. I'm yet to try those but they look pretty yummy! I thought I'd keep this blog short and sweet, so you'll have to try them for yourself to find out more... ;-) Happy cookie doughing!

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