Wednesday 18 March 2015

My Top Tips for Road Trips!

If you've read any of my other posts then you will know that I like to travel places and do lots of exploring. However, getting to some of those places with public transport can be a bit of a nightmare, so if you're like me and usually go by car, this post is for you!
But when traveling those long distances, going along country lanes and spending a lot of time behind the wheel you can sometimes find yourself in a bit of a tricky situation. So how can you prevent that? and what are you going to need? Well I've put together a few top tips on how to look after your car and yourself while going on adventures!
  1.  Always have an 'Emergency Bag' in your car - No I don't mean carry a defibrillator around with you, but make sure you have a bottle of water (to keep hydrated and in case your water levels are down - see point 4), a blanket or decent size towel, an umbrella (especially in Wales), a phone charger, a torch, a map - I know it sounds silly when we have everything in our phone, but what would you do if your phone died? The pack should also include a multi-tool, tissues or baby wipes (these are a general life essential to be honest!) first aid kit including pain killers, a pen or pencil with a bit of paper, and some emergency money (I bought my mum this money keyring as a stocking filler so she could keep an extra £5er in a safe place) Here's some more suggestions on what to keep in your car.
  2. Make sure you know where you are going - Have the postcode and/or address on your phone and on a little post-it near you in the car, along with a contact number if suitable (if you are visiting friends or going to a hotel, you may need to call to find out the last few directions on unnamed roads - we've all been in that situation)
  3. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge - Or be prepared to walk a distance and buy a fuel can... If you pass a garage and you're not sure how far away the next one is, then top it up. Here's a handy link to find a petrol station near you.
  4. Do frequent checks on your car - Whether you've got a KA or a Landrover, make sure you regularly check your car to make sure everything is in a good working order. If you're a bit of a car novice like me then here's some main pointers to get you started - Oil (Check this at least once a month, here's some easy step by step instructions on how to check car oil by Halfords) Water (another reason why you should carry around a bottle of water in your boot, I've found this super helpful 'how to' video on checking water from the AA). Finally, tyres, the things that your entire car is resting on (If you notice that your car doesn't handle or grip the road as well as it once did, then it's probably time to change them. If you're unsure then do these tests to find out if your tyres need replacing, but make sure you get them from a trusted supplier.
How many of you already do some, if not all, of those things? or maybe you have some more suggestions which I've not mentioned? Let me know by commenting below! And remember, explore but be safe!

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