Monday, 9 March 2015

Penarth Light Display - Celebrating 150 Years!

Although I'm originally from the lovely English county of Worcestershire, I have lived in South Wales since attending university here in 2010. I have really grown to love Wales, it has so much to offer and such a variety of scenery. I particularly love the way that they celebrate and embrace the history, which is exactly what happened on Wednesday 4th March in Penarth...
The residents of Penarth all gathered around the marina to witness a spectacular light display, put on by The University of South Wales in Treforest. This lightshow projected images onto buildings, and lit up areas of the marina with beautiful lights.
The vibrant 2 hour display caught the attention of many people, of all ages, who seemed to be absolutely mesmerized by the wonderful projections and colours commemorating the history. I've attached a slideshow of my images at the bottom of the blog.
Did you manage to catch a glimpse of this amazing display? Please comment below with your thoughts on the celebration!
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