Friday 13 March 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Lola and Me Shoot

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Lola and Me photoshoot over the weekend, along with the very talented photographer Lisa-Jane, the video production company Spin the Yarn, some gorgeous models (Sarah, Courtney and Sarah) and an excellent makeup team (Milly, Natasha and Emily), as well as the lovely Kath who was the reflector queen for the day!
Lola and Me is a fabulously fun bag designing company, offering unique, handmade and absolutely stunning bags perfect to make you stand out from the crowd. #BeBoldBeBright! Heidi-Lou, the main lady behind this brand (and another awesome company Dirty Little Serifs), organised the entire shoot and somehow managed to make the sun come out for the day! Woweee, talk about skills!
I followed the team and captured the day as they wandered around the city of Cardiff posing with donuts and giant balloons. The day was so much fun as you can see from my photos! Despite a huge amount of planning and hard work going into it,  the day felt very relaxed and everyone was having a great time - even Heidi!
I've never been on a fashion photo shoot before so I was slightly nervous about what to expect, but the organisation, time keeping and communication was fantastic. I'm super excited to see LJ's photos as I'm sure everyone is, but for now, I hope you enjoy my behind the scenes snaps.
Thank you Heidi for inviting me and letting me be part of this awesome day, fingers crossed I'll get an invite next time..! Thanks Jon for buying us all lunch and bringing the other half of Dirty Little Serifs and thanks to the whole gang for being simply awesome and making the day an absolute pleasure.  
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