Thursday 26 February 2015

The Washington (Penarth)

This review is of a beautiful cafe located in the heart of Penarth. The Washington. If you live local to the area then you've probably seen this place plenty of times as it's a pretty eye catching building. It has been on my 'to go' list for a good while now!

Feeling hungry and having a free morning, we made our way to the Washington to try out their 'new and improved' breakfast menu. Upon entering it was clear to see that the Washington welcomed a variety of people. There was a young lady quietly working on her laptop, while older couples were enjoying each others company, each in their own world but all savoring the great tastes of Waterloo Tea. 
Before even looking at the menu, I knew what I wanted - I'd seen it on their Twitter a while back and it looked divine, it was the poached egg and smoked salmon on ciabatta! Eggs royale is one of my all time favorite breakfasts, and it's even better when it's made for you! I'm also a huge fan of green tea, so I had to try one of their Chinese green teas too. I was spoilt for choice when it came to the tea variety though, but luckily the lovely waitress gave me some advice about which to try first. I also got to try the homemade granola, welsh honey, organic yogurt and toasted hazelnuts. 
In the last two years that I've been a green tea drinker, I've never had a timer for my tea, let alone an introduction. However,  that's exactly what happened at The Washington. The barista brought our drinks and gave me a little bit of origin information about my tea, and explained the flavours within this green tea. He also told me that they recommend I waited 3 minutes before I took the leaves out (hence the timer) How fancy!
I immediately fell in love with my breakfast, the poached eggs were cooked to perfection. You can tell that they put a lot of pride into the quality and presentation of their food, which is emphasised by the fantastic staff who could educate you for hours about the magical wonders of tea & coffee! It's also ever so refreshing that they showcase art, changing their displays on a regular basis.

I'm genuinely gutted that I was so full after my breakfast that I couldn't try a cake and coffee! However, it's an excuse for me to return as the cakes looked amazing and are all baked in their Wyndham Arcade Teahouse - So for all of you who haven't ventured into Penarth yet, there's a place like this in Cardiff!
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