Wednesday 18 February 2015

Penarth Cliff Walk (South Wales)

I recently did the Caerphilly mountain walk, that featured amazing views overlooking Caerphilly castle and the opposing mountains. This walk is a complete contrast, yes it's high up, but the views are of the channel, facing towards Bristol, and with Penarth Pier in the distance.
I stumbled across this place by accident; we were driving past Penarth Pier and we got caught up in the one way system, we then followed the road up and we ended up near a pizzeria called Cioni's. Now, we didn't go in there as we had already eaten, but it was very very busy and seemed to offer a lot of things, however, I have since been told that it has had some very bad reviews. Like I said, I've not been so don't shoot the messenger, but if there is one thing I don't want to do in this blog, is send people to places which will leave them unhappy. So if you do decide to visit there, please let me know what your experience was like. Read reviews HERE, but read with caution!

We walked to the path, which was buzzing with people on strolls of their own, and then we walked following the coastal walk to the right (heading away from Penarth). The views were breathtaking. It is a perfect place to sit on a beach with a picnic, and maybe a glass of Prosecco or two, while enjoying the gorgeous view across the channel.
  The path leads into an enclosed area of trees, with occasional glimpses of the channel. If you follow the path then you come to a ramp going up, however, if you go down off the path you can get to the beach from the walk which would be another very romantic spot for a picnic.... (Who needs Valentine's day to spark a romantic afternoon??) Just make sure you don't go when it's high tide! haha.
If we had gone left at the top near Cioni's (towards the Pier) we could have walked down to Penarth Pier, or if we had continued to walk to the right we would have eventually got to Sully. It was a delightful stroll with beautiful views of the channel, definitely a nice romantic evening spot!
This was a lovely little discovery, and we hope to return here soon for a picnic and another wander!

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