Monday 2 February 2015

Beach Day Trip to Barry Island!

It's February - Let's go ahead and give ourselves a pat on the back for surviving January! It's always a tough month, with New Years Resolutions haunting us and winter still lingering, not forgetting the daily dread of going back to work while still feeling the affects of Christmas... But then comes along February, the gateway to Spring, the reassurance that we can start fresh and still achieve all the things we had hoped for by the end of the year. The forgiving month. February. One reason why I wanted to start a blog was to experience new places, appreciate old places and combine my passion with my lifestyle. That's exactly what I did yesterday
Yesterday, we went to a nearby beach, Barry Island, to see how this iconic location was looking. I last went there a few years back to watch a firework display, but none of us had visited since the pleasure park was demolished. 
Other than being slightly windy, we had struck lucky with the weather which was great news for us but not so great for parking! It seemed that quite a few people had also decided to take a trip to Barry Island yesterday, fortunately we found parking in the large car park not far from the water front. (We also found out this is free on a Sunday! Win!)
We then made our way towards the beach and spent all afternoon walking back and forth, taking photos and embracing the environment. Although the surrounding shops still breathed the same air that they did back in 90's with the sounds of gambling machines lining the road, the beach itself is a very different story. Once away from the built up area, the atmosphere instantly changed.
You could hear the waves gushing along the beach, you could feel the soft sand under your feet, and you could see dogs cheerfully enjoying the freedom of this beach. It was beautiful. The beach was clean, no sight of litter or vandalism, and very welcoming. As we strolled along, we laughed with passing strangers and watched the sun set. It was a perfect Sunday.
Barry Island has had some recent development with the additions of colourful beach huts and a rock climbing wall, but I still think it has huge potential. Therefore, I hope, for the sake of welsh seaside attractions that these developments continue to add to the beauty and improve this old relic.
 I'm interested to know your thoughts on Barry Island, do you think it's had it's time or do you think it's worth a visit?

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