Sunday 22 February 2015

Cosmeston Lake Country Park (South Wales)

Cosmeston Lake Country Park is somewhere I've been past and heard of, but never explored properly, and so given that it was also recommend to me recently, I thought it would be nice to pay it a visit. The site has been open for 37 years, and gained 'local nature reserve' status in May 2013. Click HERE for directions to this fantastic spot.

We were expecting this tucked away treasure to be jam packed with people, but there wasn't too many people there, and surprisingly we didn't spot anyone else with their picnic blanket out! However, that didn't stop us from whipping out the basket and going all out.
A great thing about Cosmeston Lakes is that you can choose how far you want to walk, which means that it caters for family's with young children, walking enthusiasts, horse riders and bikers. We spotted all of those while on our stroll, and even made friends with the local residents too! (see photo below of me feeding a squirrel...!)
We opted for the short walk, which was just over a mile, mainly because we had to lug around a picnic basket and we didn't fancy risking getting caught in the rain! On our walk we passed barbecue spots (yep you can take some meat and cook it while you enjoy the surroundings - just don't go cooking pecking duck as I don't think the locals will be very appreciative.. quack quack...) There was also lots of benches to sit and admire the view from.
We walked about 2/3 of the walk before we found the perfect spot for our lunch. There were two other benches there, a bird feeding table, a woodland area, and easy access to the lake. Which meant we had a great view, while being sheltered from the wind, and we had a lot of wildlife around us! (Which actually turned out like an animal invasion once we started eating, but never the less it was still a delightful setting)
 We devoured our pulled pork rolls, crisps and delicious homemade cupcakes (baked by Dark Violet 21 - a new Newport based cake maker) while playing a game of Grandma's Footsteps with the local habitat.. Mainly from an invasion of over confident squirrels, but I used the opportunity to take some snaps!

Both of us really loved our walk around the lake, and we can't wait to return later on in the year with our bikes to do the longer trail. If you don't fancy going for a picnic then there is a cafe near the carpark of the site, and a wash area with toilets too in-case you get rather muddy on your adventure. There is also a medieval village at the country park, which dates back over 600 years! Click HERE for more information on that!
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