Saturday 17 December 2016

Creating a Cosy Bathroom

I recently wrote a post filled with inspiration on how to style your bathroom with a modern feel, if you don't have the budget to buy new taps or large accessories for your bathroom then this post is for you as it's how I make my bathroom a room of escape after a long day with just a few additions...

Candles are everything...

Candles are coming back into fashion (not that they really went out of fashion...) but honestly candles are a wonderful way to add some cost effective mood lighting for a soak in a bubble bath.

Products of indulgence

Lush have a huge range of bath bombs and products that'll help you take 5 and some of them will even cover you in glitter...! However if you're local to Cardiff then I'd recommend visiting Ener-Chi as they have bath bombs and bath salts from £1.50 which smell beautiful.

Towels for comfort

So you've got the lighting, and you've just stepped out of a steaming hot relaxing bath, you don't want to dry yourself with a towel that feels like wire do you?! Oh no, so why not invest in some thick towels that'll continue your evening of pleasure... I like the sound of these Christy 'supreme' towels, but I'd recommend you visit some shops and get hands on with the towels so you find one that makes you go 'ahhhh'. Photo by Explore with Ed.

My ideal bathroom upgrade would be retiling the whole thing. I've been looking at bathroom floor tiles from Gul Group for inspiration but have yet to take the plunge! Do you have any bathroom renovations taking place next year?

This blog is in collaboration with Gul Group


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