Sunday 18 December 2016

Dining at Home Like a Queen

Last month La Belle Assiette contacted me and asked if I would be interested in hosting a small dinner party at my house with some friends... Like as if that's a question! So I got a few of my closest together and let La Belle Assiette do the rest.

They put me in touch with the chef who then sent me a personalised menu to suit mine and my guests requirements, Laura (the chef), was more than happy to change the menu until I was happy with it, but I was blown away when I saw it so not many changes were needed!
On the night Laura arrived promptly and got to work in my kitchen like it was her own house, leaving me to enjoy some time with my friends and not worrying about anything. Our first course came out (pictured above) and it was a delicious celeriac shot with a parmesan shard which was like a mini soup presented in a cute jar, it was a hit with us all and we were instantly amazed and eager to try the other 3 courses!

For starters I chose the mackerel pate, and my other guests opted for the whipped goats cheese. I managed to try a sample of each and they were both divine. Laura left us all to enjoy our food while she continued to prep the main in the kitchen and cleared our plates when we were done.

For main I enjoyed the slow braised lamb shoulder, while Paul had the vegetarian option (roast chestnut and vegetable loaf). Both looked fabulous and photo worthy, for a while I forgot I was even in my home and thought I had been transported to a 5 star restaurant. (Lamb pictured above, roast chestnut and vegetable loaf pictured below on the left)

Then came dessert.... That was simply heavenly; salted caramel brownie, clotted cream ice cream with raspberry gel and hazelnut praline. After we had finished we enjoyed our drinks while Laura cleaned the kitchen leaving no mark of her ever being there!

It was such a wonderful evening and it was made even better by the fact that I didn't even need to put my shoes on! I was in charge of the music and the drinks while La Belle Assiette did everything else! If you'd like to book a chef to cook for you in your house then visit La Belle Assiette's website for more information.

Photography by Nuria Serna / Although this evening was free for me, my opinions are honest.
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